The Day Tour to South Plaza Island departs from Itabaca Canal, the sailing is about one hour and forty five minutes, this island is located to the East of Santa Cruz Island. First you will visit Punta Carrión, where snorkel take place, which is just five minutes away from pier of Itabaca Canal, here you may spot white tip sharks, variety of fishes, sea turtles, rays, Galapagos sharks and many other marine wildlife. In South Plaza Island, which is partner of North Plaza Island, both create a turquoise water canal that contrast with the red natural carpet (sesuvium) and cactus that the island have as breathtaking landscape; here you you will be greeted by sea lions, and expect to spot land iguanas, marine iguanas, sea lions, Galapagos lizard and finches, also variety of sea birds fishing and flying really close to the cliff of this island like swallow-tailed gulls, pelican and masked boobies.




Pick-up starts at designated time and is included in hotels in Puerto Ayora only. Hotels in Punta Estrada neighborhood are excluded and must be at a meeting point is at the entrance of catholic church in front of the main pier in Puerto Ayora
NOTE: *Pick-up starts 8:15 on Mondays

Itabaca Canal / Boarding

After a fifty minute drive to Itabaca Canal, you will board the yacht in groups. Once in the yacht, safety instructions will be explained.

Departure to the island

The captain will start engines and the journey will begin to the island after security checks with crew members.

Arrival to the island

Engines will stop and guides will announce the arrival, you will have to prepare to disembark for hiking.

Disembark and visit on the island

The disembark will be in groups, make sure to bring water and a camera.

Return to the yacht

You will get back on board.

Lunch on board

Lunch will be served on board to all passengers in the lounge, bridge and rooftop. You will be served fresh fish, salads, rice and dessert afterwards. *Special meals under request only*

Departure to snorkel spot

The captain will start engines and the journey will begin to snorkel spot after security checks with crew members.

Snorkel time on Punta Carrión

You will discover the marine wildlife around this natural pool or enjoy a sunbath on board.

Return to Santa Cruz / Itabaca Canal

The captain will start engines and the journey back home will begin after security checks with crew members.

Return to Puerto Ayora

You will disembark the yacht in groups and board our shuttle. Make sure not to forget anything on board of the yacht or shuttle.

Arrival to hotel

This is the estimated time of arrival to your hotel in Puerto Ayora.

*Order may vary. This is just an example. It does not extrictly follows order or times.




Snorkel Gear

Water Refill

Beach Towel

Naturalist Guide
*Pick-Ups in hotels in Puerto Ayora only.
**Day Tour to Santa Fe Island does not have Pick-up.


Airfare, personal expenses, wetsuit, alcoholic beverages, extra beverages, tips and other service/product not mentioned.
*Pick-up starts 8:15 on Mondays


8 hours aprox.
Time Required
One full day in Santa Cruz Island.
Sea lions, land iguanas, marine iguanas, Nazca boobies, Bifurcated tailed gulls, lava gulls.
Suggest to Bring
Swim suit, water bottle (to refill on board), camera, hiking shoes, cap/hat, insect repellent, sunglasses and sunscreen.
English & Spanish.